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Envitorek Realty was founded in 2009 as a service company created by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry which focuses on analyzing the real estate market in search of the best properties andinvestment opportunities; advising foreign investor to purchase their investments in South Florida. to create returns in a short and long term and maximize the investments. The commitment with our customers is addressed to find investments that fit their requirements base on market analysis, trends and history.

Alfredo Ferro is the founder, and President of Envirotek Realty, a leading Miami-based real estate asset management firm. A civil engineer with Master in Finance from Colombia, Alfredo arrived to Miami in 2004, beginning his career in the real estate industry as chief financial office for Prodesa Development.

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Investment advisors

Envirotek Realty is a company specialized in advising foreign investors, in the acquisition of real estate assets that generate returns in the short, medium and long term. Our commitment to clients is aimed at offering investment alternatives that adjust to the needs of our clients supported by market analysis and financial analysis in addition to the experience acquired by our advisors throughout these years.

Support and experience

Our trayectory and experience allows us to offer our clients the benefits of optimizing investment opportunities, measuring risk and generating value for real estate investments. Our advisory nature allows us to offer an objective consultancy, which always thinks about the benefit of our clients and their peace of mind when investing.


Real estate management

We guarantee an efficient property administration service, for maximum peace of mind and profitability of your property.


Property Valuation

We offer an accurate and competitive evaluation of your property, to guarantee you the best possible offer on the market.

Real estate legal consultancy

We provide legal support for every aspect of real estate sales, to help you navigate all legal processes with confidence.

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